Austin MannheimI usually wear my kilt to formal and non formal events, or just because I want to wear it. I belong to a period dance club where we perform Scottish and English country dancing, in period attire, and I have worn my kilt in several performances. I’ve worn them at weddings, usually I’m the only one in a kilt, but it is very well received. Though my name isn’t Scottish, my roots are, my great grandmother was a Morgan, her grandparents where MacKay, and my great great grandmother was a Young. I’ve even traced my genealogy history back to Duncan I and Kenneth MacAlpin of Scotland.

Ever since I was a young boy, I’ve wanted to wear a kilt, though my mother never approved. Finally after many years, I purchased one and haven’t looked back. I get lots of looks and questions, even requests for photos. (I was in a buffet restaurant and someone asked if they could take my photo while I was wearing my kilt) being kilted in a southern town isn’t always easy, some call it a “dress”, but I usually respond with “that depends on what you wear underneath.” That usually gets a laugh.

I even played my guitar on top of a truck in the parking lot of my apartment complex whilst wearing my kilt. I don’t mind wearing my kilt, it shows and advances my heritage, and I’m proud of to wear it!

— Austin