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SupportIn the old days of magazine publishing, children with Cockney accents and dirty, tweed flat hats would peddle magazines from the city street corner. You’d flip them a coin and they’d toss you the latest edition, hot off the press. More recently, you’d be invited to sign up for a magazine subscription by mailing those stiff cards crammed in between the magazine pages. Those things always seemed to fall out at the most inappropriate times. Either all over the bookstore floor or right in front of your Mom’s Bible study group. Now each church lady sitting on the couch knows you’re carrying the latest Maxim Magazine. Crap.

Fortunately, we live in simpler times where we can get every single magazine ever printed in the history of the world simply by pressing #MAG on our smart phone. (Don’t actually try this. We just made that up.) Still, reading magazines is easier than ever and most magazines can be accessed in some form for free online. It’s so easy that most of the time we take for granted the amount of work it takes to bring the magazines into existence. Creating a magazine is a daunting task that involves writers, artists, researchers, attorneys and a decent amount of single malt scotch. Ours does anyway.

Life In A Kilt Magazine was designed to be a free publication. It’s one of the reasons we decided to launch it digitally instead of in print form. Digital keeps the costs down and makes it much easier to offer the magazine for free, but there are still expenses involved. Hosting services, writers, photographers and subscription services all cost money and they are a necessary expense when creating a magazine. It’s our intention to always keep Life In A Kilt Magazine free. But since we won’t force you to pay to read Life In A Kilt Magazine, we will ask you to help support us voluntarily. Here are a few of the ways you can get involved.


There are two ways you can donate to help Life In A Kilt Magazine stay published.

ONE-TIME DONATION – Consider making a one-time donation to our PayPal account. This donation will pay contributors to the magazine so that we can continue offering interesting articles, photos and other amazing content to you. We want to create a one-of-a-kind, kilt-oriented publication and you can be a part of it by saying “Thanks” with your contribution. We won’t ask for a certain amount. Donate $1. Donate $10. Donate $100. Donate $1,000,000 (if you are Sir Richard Branson). All will be needed and appreciated. Watch soon for our PayPal Donation Button.

MONTHLY SUPPORT – If you love the vision of Life In A Kilt Magazine and would like to support us on a more regular, long-term basis (as most smart, good-looking people tend to want to do) we ask that you consider supporting us through Patreon. This will allow you to make a monthly donation of an amount you choose, and, in return, we will provide you with some exciting incentives and perks that the commoners won’t be privy to. Additionally, we’ll promise to never use the word “privy” again. Watch soon for our Patreon Account link.

CORPORATE SUPPORT – Part of the reason for starting Life In A Kilt Magazine was to help promote the companies and craftspeople who create and sell kilts and kilt-related products. We’ll continue to support these companies and individuals with stories and articles about what they are doing. In exchange, we hope these companies will support us with advertisements. We will introduce many advertising opportunities soon. Please contact us if your company would be interested in exploring advertising and sponsorship opportunities with Life In A Kilt Magazine.

Buy Stuff

Everyone likes to get stuff and we have lots of stuff available for you to get. You can support Life In A Kilt Magazine by visiting our online shop, and, if you see something you like, make a purchase. We don’t get much money from our merch but we do get a small percentage and every little bit helps. We’ll add new merchandise to our online shop on a regular basis so if you don’t see something fantastic now, we’re sure to add something you’ll be crazy about in the future.

You also can support Life In A Kilt Magazine by supporting our sponsors and advertisers. If our sponsors get good response from their advertisements, they will be happy and maybe purchase larger ads or buy us a Lexus. I mean, we don’t really want a Lexus, but we certainly wouldn’t say “no.”


Finally, one of our favorite ways you can support us is by contributing to our magazine. Life In A Kilt Magazine was created for you and about you. We always are open to your ideas, your stories and your artistic creativity. If you know a great recipe or joke, send it to us. If you looked smoking hot in your kilt at the Ren Fair, send us the photos and we’ll show the world. We aren’t able to pay for that kind of content but it’s a great way for you to pay us! And, if you feel like your writing, art or photography is really good and should be featured in the magazine, send us some samples. You could end up being a regular contributor and making a little extra cash in the process (not to mention the world-wide fame and status). Please see our Contributor Guidelines for more information.

Ultimately, you support Life In A Kilt Magazine just by reading it. Feel free to comment on articles, praise, criticize and pass information along to your friends and family. More than anything, that will make all of our efforts worth it.