JeremyWhether you have attended a Renaissance festival, Celtic parade/faire, or just do not like wearing pants, you may have come to the conclusion that you would like to wear a kilt. There are many questions that come to mind for newcomers to this realm so allow me to address them and get everything straightened out before we don the pleats and strut our stuff!

Should you wear a kilt?

Excellent question, with a simple answer. “YES!” If the thought crosses your mind for a second whether you should or could wear a kilt, you owe it to yourself and everyone around you to give it a try. I personally wore a kilt strictly at Renaissance faires until I finally said “Why am I not this comfortable everyday, everywhere I go?” Then the revelation came; I should wear kilts not just on special occasions. Since that decision, I have worn a kilt on every day ending in “y” and my self-image and confidence hasn’t been the same! Even if you don’t become an everyday kilt wearer, I assure you if the thought crosses your mind even once, you should toss on the tartan and take a stroll to the local mall and do some shopping in style. You will turn many heads, impress a few, confuse many and entertain all!

Okay, I’m thinking I might do it, but how?!

Yet another great question! You’ll need a kilt ensemble, of course, but we’ll address that at a later point. I have completely redesigned my own wardrobe and developed everything from the ground up with consideration for both having to wear the dreaded bisected clothing known as pants or one of my beloved kilts. Of course, I am not saying you have to toss out your entire closet to accommodate the adoption of pleated man-skirts into your day-to-day wardrobe, but the idea of casual kilt-wear is entirely up to you and how you wear it, where you wear it and how you feel and act while wearing it. Just take a look at modern fashion trends today and throughout history— confidence is key, and, if you have enough of it, you can rock just about anything you toss on before leaving the house. A good starting point would be taking the kilt you own (or are thinking of buying) and accentuate that with either the same color or a complimentary colored, plain-collared shirt. Ditch the sneakers and go for your favorite working man’s boot for a night out with lots of walking about, or freshly polished oxfords for when you really need to leave a striking impression.

Won’t everyone just laugh and ask why I am wearing a skirt?

Ultimately, this is what pumps the brakes on most people following through with the idea of wearing a kilt, however, this is also where you can really define yourself in the public eye and reshape your entire outlook. We are constantly judged by (and judging) others based on appearance, but my experience from wearing a kilt is overwhelmingly positive. You walk into a room and people stare as if they are appalled by your attire? Excellent! Be sure to thank them for instantly weeding out for you the portion of the room you can ignore for the evening. Laughed at by some women as you pass them in a public place? Even better! Carry on with your day knowing you put a smile on their face by being far more comfortable than any other guy they’ll see that whole week! Now for the best part: when you’re approached and asked about your attire. Don’t panic or stutter with responses. Just stand tall and say you are embracing your Celtic background, you play in a pipe and drum band or simply say “because I can legally leave the house not wearing pants, and that comfort the whole day is why I wear a kilt.” This last scenario is the best one because you only have yourself to thank for it. You dared to be different, and said “I don’t care what others think about it!” Now the ones that engage in conversation with you show a true and pure sense of character as they are non-judgemental, and probably a hundred times more fun than any of the others!

No matter the reason you want to try wearing a kilt outside of the faire and festival scene, and no matter the reason why you have hesitated in doing so until now, just go do it! At the end of the day, all we are simply talking about here is an article of clothing, and there are far better and more important things to contemplate in our daily lives than debating with ourselves if a pleated man skirt is for us. Just get one and give it a go! Feel the freedom. Enjoy the comfort. Most of the time you will find yourself just as surprised as the people you see and meet that wearing a kilt could and should be a part of regular garb that is worn today! Besides guys, why let women have all the fun?

Until next time folks, may your pleats be crisp, and your scotch neat!

— Pip