Stone Mountain Highland Games

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Fall in Georgia means changing colors, cooler days, and, upcoming holidays. On the third weekend in October, it means Tartans, Kilts, and the sound of bag pipes at the Stone Mountain Park in DeKalb County, Georgia. Each year, The Stone Mountain Games transform the meadows and meandering tree-lined paths of the park into an impressive mix of sights and sounds of a Scottish Highland Games presented in a uniquely southern style. Kilts are defiantly the order of the day as visitors come and learn what this most unique of men’s apparel means.

Attendees of the games become part of a two full days of Scottish culture. Guests thrill to the sounds of the Great Highland Bagpipe as bands from around the Southeast (and beyond) compete to see who is “best” for the day. They watch as kilted Highland Athletes perform amazing feats including the “tossing” of the Caber (looks like a telephone pole to some). Visitors experience the art of the Scottish Highland dance, or Join in the fun at the Scottish Country Dance platform.

It would not be a Highland Games without a gathering of the clans and their Tartans. Stone Mountain Highland Games hosts over 100 Scottish Clans and Societies. These groups setup temporary headquarters along the meandering, tree-lined, Clan Row. Welcoming Clan members and visitors alike, each clan proudly displays their unique symbol of heritage (tartan) and are eager to discuss it with you. Many groups hold social functions or other activities during the festival weekend. Highlighting the weekend is the much-anticipated annual Parade of Tartans. A true sight to see with hundreds of Kilted Clan members at one time.

Shops of Stone Mountain Highland Games

Image provided by Stone Mountain Highland Games INC. All rights reserved.

Looking for a new kilt, sporran, or jacket? The Vendor’s Village is the place to go. Stone Mountain Games features more than two dozen Scottish Import shops and Artisans ready to provide any item for the well-dressed Scotsman or kilt enthusiast. In addition the games have special Scottish food vendors so you can get your fill of Fish & Chips or even Haggis. Everything needed for a “Kiltie” in one place.

If Celtic music is what one craves, then Stone Mountain Highland Games is the place to be. Variety is the key to the musical offerings. You’ll find a widely varied offering of top-notch musical acts on three festival stages located throughout the grounds. There is plenty of music for every taste.

Children are our future. The Children’s Activities area allows the smallest and youngest to experience and participate in learning about their Scottish heritage. The Wee Laddies and Lassies area is a place where kids can enjoy event-wide educational activities for our future warrior poets. Children’s activities, crafts, entertainment, and athletics are conveniently labeled and located together in a new and expanded area to give them the weekend of their lives.

There is so much more to the Stone Mountain Highland Games that it is hard describe it without experiencing it. This year’s Games (October 15-16, 2016) promises to be one of the best events in the United States. Details can be found via the Stone Mountain Highland Games website.

See you there!


Bands of Stone Mountain Highland Games

Image provided by Stone Mountain Highland Games INC. All rights reserved.

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