When I first started Life In A Kilt Magazine a couple years ago, I intended on creating a publication unlike anything that existed in either print or digital. I wanted to create a kilt lifestyle magazine that included more than just kilts. I envisioned articles and information in all areas of life of interest to kilt wearers. I mean, we all love kilts and sporrans and Highland Games but we also love beer, travel, movies, technology and a ton of other stuff. Why can’t there be a magazine with articles and information about all of that stuff?

I decided I could make the magazine happen but only with the help of contributors. Creating a magazine with continually fresh content would be more than a full time job and I already have a couple of those. Initially, I did get some contributions from some great people but over time the contributions faded and the task of continually updating the website was left only to me. Rather than tackle the scale of work necessary to keep the website updated, it became much easier to ignore it. It’s been a continual source of stress, knowing it’s there and needs work but having no time to update it.

Recently I spent some time looking over the entire task and asking myself what do I need to do to fix this? Do I even need to fix it? Should I take the site down and let it all go? Is it possible to keep my original ideas and make this something I can still work on by myself?

I’m not completely sure of all of the answers to those questions but I do know a few things. First of all, I want to keep the site going. I feel like there is a need for it and I think it needs to continue to exist. In order to do this, though, I have to make it something I can do completely on my own. I may get lucky occasionally and get help from contributors but ultimately this is my baby and my job to keep it full of delicious content. That won’t be easy to do with my current work and life schedule but it can be managed if I make a few changes. Initially I wanted the magazine to be weekly. Then monthly. Maybe now it has to be quarterly. And, ultimately, it can be outside of any schedule. Just whenever I can add content. That certainly will be better than yearly. Or never.

So, I ask your patience over the next few weeks as I retool this entire venture. I never wanted this site to be a blog site but maybe it will become a little of that as well. I may have to play around with the design and departments a bit to make it more functional. The entire look of the site may change from one day to the next as I try to find something more design friendly to the new format. It may become a bit more simple to navigate and the design may be streamlined a bit but hopefully that will allow for more content.

During this “rebuild” feel free to suggest what you’d like to see. What works and doesn’t work for you on the site. How can I improve the site to your liking? And if you ever want to contribute, well, our email address is LifeInAKilt@gmail.com.