Contributor Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in contributing to Life In A Kilt Magazine. Whether you are interested in contributing written content, photography, illustration or cartoons, you will need to first send us a query regarding your idea. Life In A Kilt Magazine is a “kilt lifestyle” magazine. This means we are interested in all things kilts but we are also an outlet for a wide variety of other topics that will be of interest to kilt-wearers and kilt-lovers. Not only would we be interested in an article about the history of a specific tartan but we would also publish an article about a vacation destination, a motorcycle, a brand of scotch or craft beer as those things may relate to kilt-wearers across the world.

While we are always interested in submissions from talented writers, we especially want to meet writers who wish to contribute on a regular basis. This doesn’t mean we expect you to submit material for every issue, but we do hope our readers will eventually recognize your name and anticipate the quality stories you produce. Obviously, this means we are need writers and artists who can contribute professional, “polished” work. It’s important that you do the majority of your own editing work and submit pieces that are ready to be published.

At this time, Life In A Kilt Magazine only publishes first-run material. Please do not send us content that has appeared in other online or print publications or blogs. You must own all publishing rights to any content you submit including text, art, photos, illustrations, and videos. We reserve the rights to use all submissions on our social media outlets, podcasts and in possible future collections or special publications.

Features should be between 1500 and 2500 words. Features are the main focus of an issue and can be about a personality, event, destination, or kilt topic. While other Articles may be “slightly” kilt-focused, the Feature should be directly kilt-focused. Features will contain photographs but please do not send photographs with your initial inquiry. Pays $100 per feature.

Articles are usually between 500 and 1000 words and do not always have to be directly kilt-focused, although they should always of interest to kilt-wearers. An Article about Portland nightlife can include many topics and destinations but Life In A Kilt Magazine readers will want to know if there is good kilt weather in Portland, if there are many kilt-wearers in the city, and what opportunities may allow for the wearing of a kilt. Be creative but stay aware of the readers.

Articles can take the form of:
Human Interest
News Analysis
Arts & Entertainment

Articles can vary in their format and often are just smaller Features. Pays $50 – $75 per article.

Reviews and Spotlights introduce, expose and analyze products, entertainment, music, food or drink, kilt products, etc. While the Spotlight article exists to expose the reader to a product or experience, the Review actually breaks the product or experience down and gives it a rating. Reviews and Spotlights are usually under 500 words and pay up to $50.

Photographs, Illustrations, Cartoons
We are interesting in showcasing kilt-related photography, illustration and cartoons. If you are interested in contributing, please send a query for information. Pay is dependent on type, format and need.

We Currently Do Not Publish…
Fiction, Poetry, Fan Art, Political Works, or Memes. We reserve the right to reject any submission for any reason.

We pay our contributors once a month using PayPal. You must have a PayPal account to receive payment for your contributions.

If you would like to be a Life In A Kilt Magazine contributor, please use our query form to submit your ideas.