I’m frequently asked, “What happened to the Life In A Kilt Show podcast? Are you planning new episodes?” Okay, so here’s the scoop.

In 2013 when I “upgraded” A Year In A Kilt to Life In A Kilt, I kicked it off with a companion podcast called the Life In A Kilt Show. The format of the podcast was a discussion about kilts and kilt issues between my podcast partner, Cheri, and myself. We tried to work in a little comedy and to be entertaining while also being informative about kilts. After about 7 episodes, the show ceased production, due in part to creative issues, business commitments and personal issues. For a couple of years I made a few attempts to launch the podcast again. Cheri had other commitments so I searched for another cohost, without success. I decided to attempt the podcast solo but, after a few test runs, I didn’t find it as interesting or exciting as the shows with a cohost. I continued to delay a relaunch.

Earlier this year I made the decision to put as much effort as I could into reviving the podcast. I wasn’t quite sure what form or format the podcast would take, I just knew I wanted to bring it back into production. One day I was telling Cheri about my plans and she expressed interest in returning as cohost. We discussed the possibility and, after a few planning sessions, we’ve decided to start production on the Life In A Kilt Show again.

From the beginning, one of the biggest difficulties we found in producing a regular kilt podcast is that there really aren’t a lot of fresh discussions one can have about kilts without being repetitive. We covered most kilt topics after only 7 episodes and we became concerned we wouldn’t be able to sustain interest. For the new version of the podcast we feel like there needs to be some adjustments. While the new incarnation of the Life In A Kilt Podcast will still center around the kilt life, it will spend even more time exploring the “life” side of the topics. With this, we feel like we can keep the podcast fresh, current and cover a wider spectrum of topics in addition to kilts. We also hope to make it more entertaining and hopefully add a good deal more comedy. Those are the intentions anyway.

Plans are for the first of the new episodes to be released in late September or early October. We hope you’ll download episodes and become a regular listener. Let us know your thoughts and suggestions for the new Life In A Kilt Podcast.

Visit the Life In A Kilt Podcast site here.