If you ever had the urge to live in a room full of Royal Stewart tartan but didn’t know how to make it happen, it’s your lucky day! The folks at CustomWallpaper.com have a line of tartan wallpaper that will serve as the perfect accent for your pub, man cave, kilt closet or warrior room. The Royal Stewart pattern comes in two shades of red and if red is not your thing you can choose from several other colors as well. You can see all of the patterns CustomWallpaper.com has to offer on their company website or Amazon.com. You’ve been meaning to paint your nasty old walls anyway, right? Well, forget the paint and just wallpaper them! It’ll be like living underneath a kilt! Only without all that moisture and leg hair and… oh never mind.

As of this post date, the price for the wallpaper on Amazon.com is $120 a roll. A sample sheet is available for $30.