Title: Falling for the Highlander
Author: Lynsay Sands
Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Publication Date: January 31, 2017
Print Length: 384 pages

Having been dealt one tragic blow after another, Lady Murine Carmichael comes under the cruel guardianship of her gambling drunkard of a half-brother. When Lord Danvries tries to sell Murine in exchange for a pair of Scottish horses, she decides enough is enough and boldly makes a break for it. To her surprise, Dougall Buchanan, the gallant Highlander who refused her brother’s offer, is more than willing to help Murine escape Lord Danvries’ clutches. Under the escort of Dougall and his valiant brothers, Murine sets out on the journey to freedom. But she gets more than she bargained for when and Dougall find themselves ever more drawn to each other. As she discovers that Dougall’s desire to protect her comes from a place far deeper than mere chivalry, and the passions he awakens within her, it isn’t long before she finds herself slipping under the dashing Highlander’s spell.

In another sweeping tale, Lynsay Sands, bestselling author of the Argenau vampire romance series, takes us back once more to medieval Scotland, where kilted Highlanders offer up body and soul to protect the women they love. Many of the characters in Falling for the Highlander have appeared in previous novels, but while it helps to have read those, it’s not entirely necessary to enjoy this story. Any of Sands’ Highland romances are worth a read, and in this her latest, she continues to deliver the goods. Serving up a tasty dish with the just the right mix of humor and suspense and a generous helping of sex, Falling for the Highlander is tailor-made for reading while sipping a hot mug of tea on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

All the ingredients for an enjoyable romance are present. The story is populated with sympathetic-yet-flawed characters worth investing in and caring about. Murine’s tendency to faint is balanced out with plenty of scenes that show her wits and guts; Dougall is as loyal and loving a Highlander as you could ask for. Sands has a particular gift for drawing out the characters’ growing feelings for one another, capturing the confusion they feel over their increasing attraction and concern. Dougall doesn’t understand why he feels so violently jealous of his brothers’ attention to Murine; Murine doesn’t understand the fierce carnal desires Dougall is bringing out in her. This is a true hallmark of a great romance author—the ability to create characters you want to cheer for even though their words and actions may make you want to bang their heads together.

Another of Sands’ excellent storytelling skills is wrapping an element of mystery within her tales. This mystery is presented here in the form of unanswered questions surrounding the deaths’ of Murine’s relatives and how she wound up under her creep of a brother’s care. This lingering sense of suspense weaves itself seamlessly into the tale as one more obstacle that Murine and Dougall must overcome before they can have their well-deserved happy ending.

Lynsay Sands has delivered another winning Highland romance with all the right stuff. With six more bachelor Buchanan brothers, one can only hope she’ll be penning yet another entertaining story soon.

Falling for the Highlander is available in hardcover, mass-market paperback and audiobook editions, and in Kindle and Nook formats.

— Heather McNamara