Review: Stillwater Kilts’ Survival Sporran

NOTE: My camera’s “Auto Focus” said “Not Today” during this video. I apologize for the blur. Watch it with a glass of scotch and it won’t matter.

This is an unboxing and review of Stillwater Kilts’ Survival Sporran. It’s nylon even though I insist on saying “vinyl.” Nonetheless, it’s well worth the price. Go get one.

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17 Christmas 2017 Gift Ideas for Kilt Wearers

Kilt people can be a difficult lot to buy Christmas gifts for. You know they love their kilts but you don’t always know what the little trinkets and hanging things are on their kilts and you don’t know whether they even need new ones. Maybe you’re aware that the person you need to buy a gift for has Scottish ancestry but you don’t know how they would like to show that off in their every day life. Is there a way to purchase something Scottish much cheaper than, say, buying them their own Highland castle? Yes, of course there is and Life In A Kilt in cooperation with the Life In A Kilt Podcast is here to help end your search for the perfect gift with our list of 17 Christmas 2017 Gift Ideas for Kilt Wearers. You can read the list here then listen to us chat about the list on the podcast! No matter if your Christmas gift buying budget is high or low, there is something on this list for everyone so make a choice and you’ll be ready to start wrapping in no time. We recommend the plaid wrapping paper with tartan ribbon. Yeah, we’re kilty like that.

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