liakaboutThis is a blog about my life’s journey wearing a kilt. Photos, experiences, thoughts, humor, things I like, people I meet. It’s about embracing life, celebrating who you are and doing something fun no matter what others say about it – and if you’re reading this blog it’s about you too. But mostly it’s all about the kilt.

In 2012, when I decided to celebrate my 50th birthday by wearing a kilt every day of the year, I never thought that it would actually become more than just a goofy experiment. I had never even tried on a kilt before I made the decision to wear one daily. I knew there would be some fun in learning how to get through the year wearing an article of clothing I knew nothing about. What I didn’t count on, however, was how much fun I would have wearing, buying and researching all things kilt.

I had no idea when I set up the Year In A Kilt blog and Facebook Page that I would make so many friends who also were kilt lovers. Being supported in my journey and inspiring others to undertake journeys of their own was more fun than I imagined. Although I knew early on that I would continue wearing kilts after the year was up, I didn’t have any plans for what to do with my blog. It didn’t seem right to get people interested in my kilt adventures and then shut everything down in a year. Besides that, I felt the need to continue to support others who decided to try their own kilted odyssey. That’s when I decided to put together Life in a Kilt.

Life in a Kilt is not just about my own experiences but about yours as well. It about helping bring attention to the joy of kilts and kilt-wearing to the world and supporting the kilties who do it on a regular, semi-regular or occasional basis. There’s room in Life in a Kilt for both wearers and watchers and I appreciate and celebrate them both.

If you were a follower and a fan of A Year in a Kilt you’ll find Life in a Kilt to be not much of a drastic change. The biggest difference will be that I’ll take more opportunities to showcase other kilt wearers. Also I hope to report more on things in my life I do kilted, even if those things may not have anything directly to do with kilts. Additionally, I’m working on a solo stage show about my own kilted experiences and a regular Life In A Kilt podcast is in the works. More fun will be announced in the future but for now I hope you’ll enjoy experiencing Life in a Kilt.


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