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In My Own Words: Andrew Graham

My kilted journey began in 1999, the year I graduated from high school. The year my father and I went to Scotland to explore our Scottish roots. In the airport was a gentleman wearing a kilt. I had seen them on television, and once in person when we went to the Scottish games. But this was the first time I had seen on up close and personal. I felt no need to hide behind my hand and snicker as so many teenagers do. In fact I thought it was cool.

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In My Own Words: Matthew Hall

My wife, a woman of Scottish decent, turned to me one day and said, “You’d look good in a kilt.”
I turned and told her, “You’re weird!”
About three months later we took a trip to Seattle and my wife arranged a side trip to the Utilikilt store. When we walked in I kind of liked what I saw but still wasn’t too sure about the idea of wearing a kilt.

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In My Own Words: Austin Mannheim, Gray, GA

I usually wear my kilt to formal and non formal events, or just because I want to wear it. I belong to a period dance club where we perform Scottish and English country dancing, in period attire, and I have worn my kilt in several performances. I’ve worn them at weddings, usually I’m the only one in a kilt, but it is very well received.

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In My Own Words: Jonathan Welford

I am an honorary Scotsman, after marrying my Scottish husband. I’d previously worked for the Bank of Scotland and had been kilted for various black tie functions and loved the feeling of wearing a kilt. On our wedding day we’d decided to be kilted, and wore the Prince of Wales tartan.

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In My Own Words: Philip Hosea

I wear a kilt while reenacting Scottish troops who fought in America during the French and Indian War (1755 – 1763) and the American War for Independence (1775 – 1783). For the French and Indian War, we portray the 77th Regiment of Foot (Montgomerie’s Highlanders) which was raised in the area of Stirling in Scotland.

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