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Apologies and Updates

When I first started Life In A Kilt Magazine a couple years ago, I intended on creating a publication unlike anything that existed in either print or digital. I wanted to create a kilt lifestyle magazine that included more than just kilts. I envisioned articles and information in all areas of life of interest to kilt wearers. I mean, we all love kilts and sporrans and Highland Games but we also love beer, travel, movies, technology and a ton of other stuff. Why can’t there be a magazine with articles and information about all of that stuff?

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Favorite Tartans

I’ve noticed that, even with 30+ tartans in my closet, I tend to come back to the same few tartans over and over. These have become my favorites for whatever reason and I thought I’d take a little time to talk about some of the tartans I own and how I feel about them.

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Giant Highlanders at the Salad Bar

I hadn’t seen Kirk in awhile and he had no idea about my “Year in a Kilt” or “Life in a Kilt” experience. He was a little surprised when I showed up in my bold, Wallace tartan kilt and he said “What’s this about?” I started explaining the story to him and telling him how wearing a kilt is a great conversation starter, when the guy taking our order said, “Hey, nice kilt!”

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Moving Out

I’m helping a friend move today so I figure it’s a good time to make friends with my Wallace utility kilt. It hasn’t been put to the test yet but I’ll see how it holds up today. Probably better than I will.

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Stillwater Kilts

When you’re on vacation, what the heck, spend all your money on kilts! Just got fixed up with two new ones at the very stylish headquarters of Stillwater Kilts. Hey, don’t blame me! How could I resist this MacKenzie weathered tartan!

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Goodbye Bizarro

You might not know that I’ve been a professional cartoonist for over 25 years so Dan Piraro’s “retirement” is of interest to me. Dan’s “Bizarro” cartoon panel has regularly featured some hilarious kilt cartoons. Certainly more kilt cartoons than I’ve ever seen from one non-kilt oriented cartoon panel. You may have seen a few of them reprinted on this page. So, happy “retirement” Dan and thanks for the laughs!

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Celtic Croft

What do you do when you drive halfway to Minneapolis and realize your kilt and kilt gear didn’t get packed in the car?? First of all, you don’t panic because you realize you’re in the hometown of The Celtic Croft! The wonderful people at The Celtic Croft fixed me up with a new kilt and all the necessary gear for an excellent price! Love my new kilt (and in a 25″ length!) and so happy I didn’t have to wear lounging pants for my entire trip. Thanks Celtic Croft!!

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