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The 1990s: A Good Decade For Men In Kilts At The Movies

Two movies that were issued in 1995 immediately spring to mind. They both portrayed real-life Scottish heroes of old. Liam Neeson starred as Scottish outlaw, Robert MacGregor, in Rob Roy and then there was Mel Gibson’s kilt-wearing portrayal of William Wallace in Braveheart. Whether William Wallace actually wore a kilt going into battle against the detestable English is a moot point, but it certainly made for some unforgettable scenes in the movie.

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What’s Your Kilt Number?

The Kilt Number is simply a number invented by an incredibly smart, handsome, studly kilt wearer, who can’t tell up from down. Yeah, okay, I invented it. The sole purpose of the Kilt Number is just to evaluate how often you wear kilts compared to how often you wear pants in your life. Let’s face it, not everyone can wear a kilt 24/7 but if you are able to do so, your Kilt Number would read like this:

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Tartan Wallpaper For Your Castle

If you ever had the urge to live in a room full of Royal Stewart tartan but didn’t know how to make it happen, it’s your lucky day! The folks at have a line of tartan wallpaper that will serve as the perfect accent for your pub, man cave, kilt closet or warrior room. The Royal Stewart pattern comes in two shades of red and if red is not your thing you can choose from several other colors as well. You can find on their website as well as Amazon and see all of the patterns they have to offer. You’ve been meaning to paint your nasty old walls anyway, right? Well, forget the paint and just wallpaper them! It’ll be like living underneath a kilt! Only without all that moisture and leg hair and… oh never mind.

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Apologies and Updates

When I first started Life In A Kilt Magazine a couple years ago, I intended on creating a publication unlike anything that existed in either print or digital. I wanted to create a kilt lifestyle magazine that included more than just kilts. I envisioned articles and information in all areas of life of interest to kilt wearers. I mean, we all love kilts and sporrans and Highland Games but we also love beer, travel, movies, technology and a ton of other stuff. Why can’t there be a magazine with articles and information about all of that stuff?

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Favorite Tartans

I’ve noticed that, even with 30+ tartans in my closet, I tend to come back to the same few tartans over and over. These have become my favorites for whatever reason and I thought I’d take a little time to talk about some of the tartans I own and how I feel about them.

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Giant Highlanders at the Salad Bar

I hadn’t seen Kirk in awhile and he had no idea about my “Year in a Kilt” or “Life in a Kilt” experience. He was a little surprised when I showed up in my bold, Wallace tartan kilt and he said “What’s this about?” I started explaining the story to him and telling him how wearing a kilt is a great conversation starter, when the guy taking our order said, “Hey, nice kilt!”

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Moving Out

I’m helping a friend move today so I figure it’s a good time to make friends with my Wallace utility kilt. It hasn’t been put to the test yet but I’ll see how it holds up today. Probably better than I will.

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Stillwater Kilts

When you’re on vacation, what the heck, spend all your money on kilts! Just got fixed up with two new ones at the very stylish headquarters of Stillwater Kilts. Hey, don’t blame me! How could I resist this MacKenzie weathered tartan!

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