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Rufus Harley: America’s First Kilted Jazz Bagpiper

In 1963, while watching the Black Watch Pipe Band play at President Kennedy’s funeral, he found himself inspired to learn the bagpipes after unsuccessfully trying to mimic the bagpipe sound on his saxophone. Harley searched several local pawn shops for a decent set of bagpipes and finally found a set in New York City for $120. During his learning period, neighbors would call the police about the noice coming from Harley’s apartment. Harley would ask the cops, “Do I look like I’m Irish or Scottish?” keeping the police officers away long enough for him to learn the instrument. In 1964 Harley made his first public appearance playing his bagpipes.

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Apologies and Updates

When I first started Life In A Kilt Magazine a couple years ago, I intended on creating a publication unlike anything that existed in either print or digital. I wanted to create a kilt lifestyle magazine that included more than just kilts. I envisioned articles and information in all areas of life of interest to kilt wearers. I mean, we all love kilts and sporrans and Highland Games but we also love beer, travel, movies, technology and a ton of other stuff. Why can’t there be a magazine with articles and information about all of that stuff?

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October Brings Stone Mountain Highland Games to Georgia

Fall in Georgia means changing colors, cooler days, and, upcoming holidays. On the third weekend in October, it means Tartans, Kilts, and the sound of bag pipes at the Stone Mountain Park in DeKalb County, Georgia. Each year, The Stone Mountain Games transform the meadows and meandering tree-lined paths of the park into an impressive mix of sights and sounds of a Scottish Highland Games presented in a uniquely southern style. Kilts are defiantly the order of the day as visitors come and learn what this most unique of men’s apparel means. Attendees of the games become part of...

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